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Chronciles of Triumph: My PR Journey


Founder of Men Love PR™

​​Everyone's journey begins with a story waiting to be told.

Mine started with a whisper of doubt and a fear of stepping into the spotlight. For far too long, I held back, unsure of my own abilities and hesitant to share my talents with the world. But then it hit me - I wasn't alone in this struggle. So many incredibly gifted individuals grapple with the same fears.

It wasn't until I was fourteen that I decided enough was enough. With a spark of courage, I launched Men Love PR, determined to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and make my mark on the world of Public Relations. And you know what? It was the best decision I ever made.


Entrepreneur • Businessman  • Bestseller Author • Humanitarian 

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to empower entrepreneurs and gifted individuals to unlock their true purpose and identity through the transformative power of Public Relations.



Who is

Steven Daniel, a dynamic 28-year-old public relations expert, revolutionizes brands with innovative strategies and tangible results. From self-taught beginnings to founding successful ventures like Men Love PR™, his entrepreneurial journey exemplifies spirit and ingenuity. Steven's commitment to excellence, fueled by his passion for education, drives him to exceed expectations and empower the next generation of PR professionals. As a bestselling author and seasoned flight attendant, Steven brings a unique perspective and diverse skill set to every endeavor.

Steven's clients have been featured on ABC, FOX KARD, Evan CarMichael, Intuit, Chase, The Jewel Tankard Show, Who's Who In Atlanta, People You Need To Know and many more. 

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