• Steven Daniel

Why We Need More Diversity in PR

Anytime there’s a profession that lacks diversity – whether it’s on the basis of race, gender, socio-economic background or beliefs – it’s worth asking “Why?” Why, for example, aren’t there more men in the PR field? And what impact is that lack of diversity having on the profession? Based on more than 9 years of experience in the PR industry, I can tell you that the profession has a real need for more diversity.

First, let’s start with the numbers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up 61.3 percent of the PR industry. Moreover, more than two-thirds (69%) of all members of the Public Relations Society of America are women. These numbers are stunning and that's why I created Men Love PR . Consider the fact that, in other spheres of business, it’s much more likely that the composition of an industry will be much more evenly distributed between men and women. So, clearly, there is a need for more diversity.

One important reason why we need more diversity in the PR field is because it helps to open up people’s minds and promote new ways of thinking. If you think about the PR profession as a creative profession, then you can immediately see why this is the case. Would you want to turn on the TV and have every TV show cover the same topics, with the same types of actors and actresses? Would you want to go to a museum where every painter has somehow managed to paint the same type of painting, using the same type of brush and the same colors? No, of course not. That’s not a negative commentary about those creative individuals, of course. It is just recognition that the free flow of ideas makes everyone’s lives richer.

Moreover, in today’s modern world, diversity is actually a source of competitive advantage. It’s no longer the case that a few select nations control the global economy, or that a few big corporations control every sector of the national economy. No, in fact, quite the opposite – globalization is a very powerful force that is requiring more diversity, not less diversity, in order for businesses to thrive and survive. And young, nimble startups and small businesses are tapping into the talent of all people in order to out-smart and out-compete their bigger rivals. Trying to win in business by only hiring a certain type of person is like trying to win in sports by only drafting a certain type of player. Diverse, balanced teams always have the competitive advantage.

In short, diversity is very important within the PR industry. If you don’t want to miss out on new ideas, new approaches and new ways of doing things, you need to have a very diverse team. Talent – not age or gender or race or ethnicity – should be the only thing that matters. In the dynamic Atlanta economy, where ambitious and visionary leaders are building new companies and taking on the big corporate giants, talent is what separates the market leaders from everyone else. So isn’t it time you took steps to bridge the gap between men and women, and hire a PR team that has made diversity one of its unique competitive advantages?

Men Love PR™ was created to bridge the gap within the PR industry between men and women. We will do this by educating our young adults on PR and business.